Pick Two Media

Website Design Portfolio

Since 2014, John has been an integral part of the Magic Mollys family, crafting and managing our website designs. I understand the importance of adapting and growing with the ever-changing digital landscape. That’s why I rely on John’s expertise to ensure we stay on top of the latest tools and design standards. With his artistic flair and unwavering commitment, he has brought forth three exceptional websites that truly represent our brand. I take pride in working with John as he brings our vision to life, elevating our online presence and keeping us ahead of the curve. With his help, we continue to thrive with a website that embodies our success.

Bree Woods

I’d like to take a moment to share my thoughts on John, an exceptional team member who played a crucial role in building the Absolute Underground website. Let me tell you, his skills are truly impressive! With his expertise in web development, John created a site that perfectly captures the essence of our brand. He understands our rock and roll background and flawlessly translated it into the digital realm. John’s use of cutting-edge technology elevated the user experience to new heights. The Absolute Underground website now radiates the authentic spirit of our brand, inviting everyone to connect with our scene.

Ira Hunter

Brightnow.com is an impressive website that showcases the remarkable collaboration between John and his talented teammates at iGods.com, a Victoria-based marketing agency specializing in working with large companies and dynamic data driven websites. As the Front-End developer, John played a pivotal role in bringing this massive project to life. With his expertise in utilizing dynamic data and templates, he skillfully crafted a website that leaves a lasting impact. The dedication and skill of the entire team were truly remarkable, resulting in a website that exceeded the client’s expectations. The client’s satisfaction serves as a testament to the outstanding work delivered by John and his teammates.

Island Electrical is an exceptional website template that comes fully equipped with an array of fantastic technological features. Built using the powerful combination of WordPress, Elementor Pro, Fluent Forms, and Rank Math for excellent SEO capabilities, this template is ready to hit the ground running. With WordPress as the foundation, it provides a user-friendly and customizable platform for seamless website management. Elementor Pro brings a wealth of design possibilities, allowing you to create stunning layouts effortlessly. Fluent Forms enhances user interaction, providing intuitive and dynamic form functionalities. Finally, Rank Math ensures optimal visibility with its exceptional SEO capabilities. Island Electrical is truly a standout template, offering a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution for your website needs.